22 students fall sick from food poisoning at school in Andhra Pradesh’s Eluru

Twenty-two students fell sick from food poisoning at the Tribal Welfare Ashram Balura High School in Andhra Pradesh’s Eluru. Officials on Monday said the students reportedly consumed spoilt chicken, which led to them falling sick.

All the students at the school in Jeelugumilli suffered from diarrhoea and had been vomiting since Sunday night.

Health Department officials inspected the students and treated them.

Notably, Eluru is where hundreds were affected by a ‘mystery illness’ in December 2020 with complaints of headaches, vomiting, giddiness and epilepsy-like symptoms.

Experts later confirmed that the outbreak was caused by residues of pesticides which were present in the drinking water and milk.

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chingkheinganbi mayengbam

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Feb 19, 2024

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