Air India gets show cause notice after 80-year-old dies at Mumbai airport

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a show cause notice to Air India on Friday after an 80-year-old man died at Mumbai airport following a delay in wheelchair service availability. The aviation regulator asked Air India to submit a report on the incident.

Babu Patel (80) and his wife, Narmadaben Patel (76) booked wheelchairs for themselves after taking an Air India flight from New York to Mumbai. Due to a high demand, only one wheelchair was available.

Babu Patel gave the wheelchair to his wife, Narmadaben, and decided to walk.

He then collapsed after walking some distance and was taken to Nanavati Hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Air India did not comply with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) which mandate that airlines should provide assistance to persons with disability or reduced mobility, said the DGCA. This amounted to a violation of Aircraft Rules and Air India has been asked to submit a reply to the show cause notice within seven days.

Further, an advisory has also been issued to all airlines to ensure that an adequate number of wheelchairs are available for passengers who require assistance while embarking or disembarking from the aircraft.

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Feb 16, 2024

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