Anand Mahindra Shares Video Of Toddler Mistaking Food For Phone, Conveys Message

Anand Mahindra Shares Video Of Toddler Mistaking Food For Phone, Conveys Message

Technology has taken over our lives. (Image Credit: X/@anandmahindra)

The advent of smartphones has changed our lives drastically. Earlier, they came with limited functions, and not everyone had the luxury of owning one. Nowadays, we cannot imagine carrying out our daily tasks without them. They are  not just used for calling but also for several other things, such as ordering groceries, sending emails, shopping, etc. While they have certainly made our lives easier, there are also some perils to them. One of them is the increasing use of smartphones among children. Even toddlers have become dependent on them for entertainment purposes. Shedding light on this issue, Anand Mahindra shared a video in which a toddler can be seen mistaking his food for a phone.
He took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the thought-provoking video. In the clip, we can see a child sitting on the floor with a plate consisting of what seems to be vada. Instead of picking it up to eat, he mistakes it for a smartphone and holds it close to his ear. As soon as he does, elders can be heard laughing in the background. By sharing the video, Mahindra wanted to highlight how smartphones have overtaken our lives and now come before basic necessities. “Oh no, no, no. It’s true. Our species has irreversibly mutated. It’s now PHONE, and only after that, Roti, Kapda aur Makaan!” he wrote in the caption of the post. Take a look:
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Several people could relate to Anand Mahindra’s post and left various comments. They shared how they face similar situations and the growing danger of increased use of smartphones. One person wrote, “Good Lord! Not long before kids will be born with a built-in antenna and receiver, and our thoughts would be our speech!” Another person humorously wrote, “Newest tech trend? Edible smartphones. Kids have a great taste for gadgets!”

“The evolving priorities where phones seem to take precedence before basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter are indeed a reflection of the changing dynamics in our society. The impact of technology on our lives continues to reshape traditional values and necessities,” wrote a third person.
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A fourth comment read, “Not good. Recent research has confirmed that our attention span has reduced to just 8 seconds. In the company of machines, we too are becoming mechanical and insensitive. If we don’t use technology to our advantage, it will use it to its advantage, and that’s what is happening.” “Hahahaha, my baby Drona is also doing the same, sir,” wrote a fifth.

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