Andhra Pradesh: Farmers drag agricultural market head by saree, vandalise her office

A protest by groundnut farmers demanding the minimum support price (MSP) for their produce on Monday turned violent at the Atchampet Agricultural Market Office in Andhra Pradesh’s Nagarkurnool District.

The farmers, who had been waiting for traders to purchase their groundnuts at a fair price, alleged syndication among traders leading to unfair pricing.

The situation escalated when the farmers, frustrated by the lack of action from market officials, ransacked the market yard office. In a video shared on social media, they are also seen dragging the market committee chairperson, Aruna, by her saree into a pile of groundnuts.

The protest also saw the destruction of office furniture. The police were called and they managed to rescue Chairperson Aruna, who was forced to sit at Ambedkar Square during the ordeal.

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Aditi Sharma

Published On:

Feb 12, 2024

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