CBC announces more than 60 jobs to be cut across Canada

October 7, 2020
CBC announces more than 60 jobs to be cut across Canada

The CBC is cutting more than 60 jobs across the country over the next three months, the Crown corporation said Wednesday.

“As a result of some necessary changes with respect to resizing our business, a number of positions from within the organization will no longer be a part of our workforce come the end of the calendar year,” said Barbara Williams, CBC’s executive vice-president of English services, in a note to staff.

The company said 40 positions covered by the CBC’s main employee union, the Canadian Media Guild, will be impacted but would not give specifics of which jobs would be affected.

While five CBC locations across the country are affected, most of the cuts are to positions based in Toronto.

CBC/Radio-Canada currently employs roughly 7,500 people across Canada.

On top of the 40 CMG positions, an additional 11 positions covered under a different union, the Association of Professionals and Supervisors will be included in the downsizing.

CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson says along with the positions covered by those two unions, about 10 managerial positions will be eliminated across the country.

A “good portion” of the cuts were achieved through attrition, collapsed vacancies and retirement, Williams said.

The company cited higher costs coupled with lower revenues to explain the decision.

Williams said the CBC began the fiscal year with a roughly $21 million budget deficit “due to declines in advertising and subscription revenues linked to our traditional television business and to inflation on a portion of our parliamentary allocation.”

Those financial pressures predated the current pandemic, which has exacerbated the situation for the CBC and other media organizations.

“This reset would have happened irrespective of COVID,” Thompson said.

The move comes as private sector broadcasters are also cutting costs and staff 

In July, Global News laid off several dozen staff in a restructuring that saw the company significantly curtail its coverage of entertainment and lifestyle journalism and scale back its social media team.

“Like every media company, CBC operates in a challenging media landscape, a media landscape which is in constant disruption,” Williams said.

“The next few weeks will be challenging as we go through the workforce adjustment process,” Williams said.

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