‘Delhi Chalo’ march: How protesting farmers spent the night at Punjab-Haryana border

As the farmers’ 2.0 protest began on Tuesday, it was marked with violence and their confrontation with police at the Punjab-Haryana border. Farmers who halted their march temporarily in the evening will resume their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march today toward the national capital.

The protesting farmers spent their first night in tractor trolleys equipped with bedding, edibles, and music systems. As they prepared for the second day, having breakfast, tea, and laddoo, farmers shared their experiences, preparations, challenges, and demands with India Today TV.

They alleged a shortage of ambulances at the Shambhu border, stating that many injured farmers couldn’t secure hospital beds.

Protesters, including senior citizens, men, women, and NRIs, also reported a scarcity of water and other amenities.

Out of nearly 2,500 tractor trolleys that have reached the Shambhu border, 800 are being used to transport ration, fuelwood, and diesel.

A group of women is accompanying the farmers, taking responsibility for cooking food.

Some senior citizen farmers with comorbidities are also part of the protest.

More than 60 people, including farmers and media personnel, were injured throughout the day as police employed water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters at the Punjab-Haryana border.

Unions, however, stated that around 100 farmers were injured during the day.

Following a crucial meeting between farmer leaders and Union ministers that ended without resolution late Monday night, over 200 farmer unions decided to proceed with the ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest march.

Security measures have been heightened across Delhi, and the city’s borders have become fortresses.

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Vivek Mishra

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Feb 14, 2024

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