Devil Fruit” – Viral Video Of Giant Lemon Gets 25 Million Views, Leaves Internet “Frightened

'Devil Fruit' - Viral Video Of Giant Lemon Gets 25 Million Views, Leaves Internet 'Frightened'

A viral video featuring a strange lemon has grabbed eyeballs online. (Photo: Instagram/ maxiskitchen)

Social media has allowed us to take sneak peeks into the kitchens of people in different parts of the world. We get glimpses at their preferred ingredients, utensils, cooking techniques and serving styles. In recent times, videos also show us how they grow the ingredients and harvest the natural produce. One of the latest reels taking Instagram by storm concerns a giant, bizarrely shaped lemon. It has received more than 25 million views so far and has sparked a range of reactions online.

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In the Instagram reel by Maxine Sharf (@maxiskitchen), we see the content creator cutting into the enormous lemon and showing the camera what it looks like on the inside. The unique fruit was produced by her own tree. The interior of the lemon has left people online fascinated. The content creator says that it was “cooler” than she expected. The intricacies are unlike any other regular fruit. Some people claim that they have been left scared and uneasy by this lemon, with a few saying it triggers “trypophobia” (a fear of certain hole patterns). Others have simply found it aesthetically pleasing. Take a look at the viral video below:

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Read the comments of some of the Instagram users below:

“Why does it give me anxiety and literal physical chills?”

“When the recipe says “one lemon”.”

“Wow wow! You should take a really nice artsy photograph and hang it up in your kitchen! That way you can “preserve” this lemon forever!”

“This makes me greatly uncomfortable.”

“Not gonna lie…this made my skin crawl but what a surprise.”

“Found yourself a Devil Fruit.”

“This frightens me.”

“I’m so disturbed by this lemon.”

“Looks like the inside of a crystal – beautiful!”

“Might wanna add a trypophobia warning.”

What did you think of this viral video? Let us know in the comments below.

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