Farmers protest: Desi jugaad to counter cops includes kites, multani mutti, wet jute bags

From wet jute bags, ‘multani mitti’ (fullers earth) and flying kites, protesting farmers at the Punjab-Haryana border have come up with different ways to counter the police’s use of tear gas-dropping drones as they try to march to Delhi.

The Haryana Police is using drones to drop tear gas shells on farmers to deter them from entering the state and heading towards the national capital as part of their ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest.

To combat the police drones, farmers on the Punjab-Haryana border were seen flying kites in hopes of getting the drones entangled in the kite’s thread and getting them to fall.

Additionally, farmers have resorted to applying ‘multani mitti‘, known for its cooling properties, on their faces to alleviate the burning sensation caused by tear gas.

Farmers apply ‘multani mitti’ on their faces to get relief from the burning sensation caused by tear gas | Photo: India Today

Farmers are also using wet jute bags to neutralise the impact of tear gas shells fired at them.

On Tuesday, farmers clashed with Haryana Police personnel at two border points between the states, enduring tear gas shells and water cannons as they attempted to breach the barricades obstructing their protest march towards Delhi.

The farmers’ protest, which was paused for the night, resumed on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Punjab authorities have raised objections to Haryana’s use of drones at the Shambhu border.

Farmers alleged that drones dropped several tear gas canisters on them while they were well within Punjab territory.

Police used tear gas to disperse farmers at the Punjab-Haryana border on Wednesday as well | Photo: PTI

Thousands of farmers, primarily from Punjab and Haryana, are participating in the ‘Delhi Chalo’ agitation to exert pressure on the central government for their demands, including legislation on Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops and loan waivers.

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Feb 14, 2024

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