Google’s new Gemini-powered conversational tool helps advertisers quickly build Search campaigns

Google announced today that Gemini, its family of multimodal large language models, now powers the conversational experience within the Google Ads platform. With this new update, it will be easier for advertisers to quickly build and scale Search ad campaigns.

The conversational experience is designed to help build Search campaigns through a chat-based tool. The tool uses your website URL to create Search campaigns by generating relevant ad content, including assets and keywords. It suggests images tailored to your campaign using generative AI and images from your website. Google notes that that all of the images created with generative AI will be identified as such.

Advertisers approve the images and text before the campaign goes live.

Beta access to the conversational experience in Google Ads is now available to all English language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K. Access will start opening up globally to all English language advertisers over the next few weeks. Google plans to open up access in additional languages in the upcoming months.

Google's conversational chat feature for advertisers

Image Credits: Google

“Over the last few months, we’ve been testing the conversational experience with a small group of advertisers,” wrote Shashi Thakur, Google’s VP and GM of Google Ads, in a blog post. “We observed that it helps them build higher quality Search campaigns with less effort.”

The new tool will join Google’s other AI-powered tools for advertisers. A few months ago, Google introduced a suite of generative AI product imagery tools for advertisers in the U.S. called “Product Studio.” The tools allow merchants and advertisers to use text-to-image AI capabilities to create new product imagery for free by typing in a prompt describing what they would like to see. The tools also allow advertisers to improve low-quality images and remove distracting backgrounds.

Today’s announcement comes as Google has been pushing to integrate AI across its products. For instance, the company revealed today that it’s adding three new AI-powered features to Chrome, including a way to organize your tabs, customize your theme, and get help when writing things like online reviews or forum posts on the web.

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