How to boost memory 4 Simple Ways

The data retention capacity of our human brain is about 100 terabytes. Even then you can’t remember something for a long time?

Suppose, you read something in the morning. But, in the afternoon, you forget everything.
Can’t remember your phone number, colleague’s name, or even a friend’s name!

It’s scary to think so, isn’t it? But the truth is, at some point in your life, you will have to deal with such situations.

As we get older, our brain capacity decreases. But if this change occurs before the age, then it is not desirable for anyone.

Studies have shown that certain habits help increase brain function. In our today’s article, we will tell you about those habits.

Brain exercise: The more you use your brain, the more your brain will work. For example, the more you use your knife for cutting vegetables, the more the knife will be sharpened.

The power of the human brain is extraordinary. The more you use, the more this power will continue to grow.

Always think of new things. Try to reminisce. This will keep your brain quite active.

Puzzle: Studies have shown that people who have the habit of regular puzzle-solving, scrabble, sudoku matching, their brains are much more efficient than others.

When someone tries to solve a puzzle, all the nerves in the whole brain, including the memory areas of the brain, are activated. They also do not have problems with memory impairment.

The habit of the reading book: It is known from the biographies of almost all famous people that one thing was common to each of them.

They all read a lot of books. Reading a book is the best exercise for the brain. Reading books helps to keep the nerves of the brain active.

Even newspapers, whatever the magazine, reading it in leisure time is a good exercise for the brain. This habit improves memory.

Learning and writing new languages: Learning and writing a new language increases self-confidence as well as decreases the chances of memory impairment. Learning, understanding and applying a new

language increases brain function which prevents memory from being impaired. A new language is also like a new game. It will keep your brain more active.

Do something new: Life is a journey. The more you discover new things, the more you will enjoy life.
Get out of your daily routine and do something new. New work will stimulate your brain. Don’t tie yourself into a task.

New work increases your intelligence as well as makes the brain more functional.
Like you might get up every morning and brush in the right hand, use mobile with the right hand. You can use the left hand without doing it from tomorrow.

Do exercise regularly: It has been scientifically proven that exercise increases the efficiency of the brain.
As long as you exercise, new cells are formed in your brain. Exercise is the easiest and best way to increase brain function.

Healthy food: We all know that fruits, vegetables, fish are good for health. Foods rich in omega-3s, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, spinach, sweet pumpkin seeds, marine fish, colorful fruits,
green tea, etc., help to increase brain function.

Stop using the calculator: Stop using calculators for small calculations. Reliance on electronic devices is making our brains lazy. It is responsible for impairing the functioning of our brain.

Adequate sleep: Adequate sleep is very effective in keeping the brain capacity. Because the brain gets to rest during sleep.

Whatever we do all day, study, or whatever we do, when we sleep, that information is
permanently converted into our brain. Adults need eight hours of sleep daily. Good sleep makes your brain more efficient. During sleep, the brain stores the latest information.
Sleep is also known as “memory charger”.
During sleep, your brain prepares itself for the next memory.

Johny Watshon

Life is like a running cycle right! I am a news editor at TIMES. Collecting <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">News</a> is my passion. Because my visitors have the right to know the truth and perfectly.

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Johny Watshon

Life is like running cycle right! I am a news editor at TIMES. Collecting News is my passion. Because my visitors have right to know the truth and perfectly.

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