Jason Sudeikis spoofs ‘Ellen’ with masculine new show ‘Mellen’

October 24, 2021

Everyone, meet “Mellen.”

Jason Sudeikis introduced the world to his new daytime talk show on “Saturday Night Live”: Think of a “no holds barred” version of Ellen DeGeneres’ show with a “hard masculine edge.”

Described as a “male Ellen,” Mellen’s talk show is “in your face entertainment” for men, who are staying home more than ever because of the pandemic. His show has a strikingly similar stage design and format as DeGeneres’ show, including “awkward male dancing” and his own pranks: “Just like Ellen, Mellen has sneak-up surprises.”  

For example, Mellen had NBA player Kyrie Irving (played by Chris Redd) on his talk show as a guest, where he had a doctor abruptly administer Irving a COVID-19 vaccination without his consent while Mellen distracted him. 

“You just got vaxxed, Mellen style,” said Sudeikis’ gleeful Mellen, who rocked short blonde hair similar to DeGeneres’ signature style. Redd’s Irving replied, “I’m mad.”

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He also brought on several “heroic psychopath” guests including Joe Rogan, who had a food segment cooking wild boar; Connor McGregor, who got into a fight with an audience member; Louis C.K., who had a beauty segment on male pattern baldness; and YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who was played by Pete Davidson. 

“So Jake, you want to announce your next fight?” Sudeikis’ Mellen asked.

Davidson’s Paul responded, “Yo, Muhammad Ali, I’m coming for you in the ring, in the streets, in the graveyard. You can’t hide from me forever, Ali. It’s in the contract. If I win you have to change your name back to Cassius Clay.” 

“I think he’s dead,” Sudeikis’ Mellen deadpanned. (Muhammad Ali died in June 2016 at  age 74 from septic shock.)

This marked Sudeikis’ “SNL” hosting debut. The “Ted Lasso” star was hired as a writer in 2003 at the sketch comedy show and starred as a cast member from 2005 to 2013.

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