Joy Division: Introducing Shireen Ahmed’s weekly roundup of things to know and love

January 14, 2022
Joy Division: Introducing Shireen Ahmed's weekly roundup of things to know and love


Hi all! As CBC Sports’ newest Senior Contributor, I am going to be putting together a weekly list of things you might find exciting and interesting, and something that has brought me joy. 

I love joy. And as the great Audre Lorde once said: “The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference.”

I will offer you story links from sports, movie suggestions or random fun things. I may add a photo of the current paint-by-numbers project I am working on as an accountability practice. We all have to have to be strict about self-care during this current wave of the pandemic. 

An important read

I will start with what I’m reading right now and it happens to be none other than Dave Zirin’s book The Kaepernick Effect: Taking a Knee, Changing the World. For transparency’s sake, I must say that Dave is a longtime friend of mine. You will know him from sitting alongside greats Morgan Campbell and Meghan McPeak on Bring It In, CBC Sports’ weekly video podcast. 

WATCH | Bring It In panel on Djokovic mess:

Reactions to Novak Djokovic winning court battle related to COVID vaccine exemption | Bring It In

The ‘Bring It In’ panel give their takes on the latest news regarding Novak Djokovic’s vaccine exemption that had him detained in Australia as he attempted to enter the country to compete in the Australian Open. 7:29

This book is amazing, and an important read. It is about people from high schools, colleges, pro leagues and communities who have changed the racist cultures in their spaces, fuelled anti-oppression work while empowering people through knowledge and through action. It’s stories from various Americans on what resistance means: kneeling, raising a fist, or even teaching. The path to bettering our communities and strengthening our compassion is not linear. This book reminds us of that, and to remember that one person can absolutely make a change. 

Watch this:

What gave me chills this week is this video by the Hockey Diversity Alliance

Kodak’s moment

What did not give me chills — but made me laugh uncontrollably — was one particularly famous fan at the Jan. 11 Florida Panthers game against the Vancouver Canucks at the FLA Live Arena.

Kodak Black, a famous rapper, attended the game with his ladyfriend Vvsnce (pronounced Essence). Some drama erupted during the game because although Kodak and Vvsnce had excellent seats, they also had access to a luxury box conveniently located beside the Panthers’ owners. In said box, Kodak and Vvnsce were captured on film engaging in some intense contact. And not the kind that gets you sent to the penalty box.

Initially, there was some kerfuffle and the NHL even deleted a tweet welcoming Kodak to the game.

I decided to ask my friend Lee, an expert in the art of “de wine” (a specific type of dancing) what he thought. After analyzing the videos, he concluded that there was no conclusive evidence that Kodak and Vvsnce were engaging in anything beyond intense “wining.” This was perhaps my favourite take of all:


The NHL has made no comment about the incident. And it remains unclear whether they know what “wylin” actually is. 

Love these:

Another great thing that brought me happiness this week is the most perfect pair of sneakers imaginable. As a soccer player, I have a spiritual connection to Adidas. I am a longtime trefoil girl. 

But this pair of Nike kicks adorned with the most beautiful of Pakistani Truck Art, by famed artist Haider Ali, spoke to my soul. They are vibrant and represent a very specific culture that has become iconic. I have loved truck art for eons and to see it in a collaboration with the world’s sneaker giant is pretty incredible. Still trying to find out how to get my hands on a pair.

WATCH | Shireen Ahmed on what Connor McDavid’s comments say about hockey culture:

What do Connor McDavid’s comments tell us about hockey culture? | The Breakdown

CBC Sports’ Jacqueline Doorey is joined by Shireen Ahmed to get her reactions to McDavid’s comments about the Oilers potentially signing Evander Kane and what they say about hockey culture. 7:20


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