Lolly Adefope: ‘I turn up late for brunch and order prosecco so everyone forgets my lateness’ | Sunday with…


A morning routine? I wake up in the new bed I put together during lockdown. I’ll try to have a breakfast smoothie. I’m allergic to a lot of fruit and veg, but if I hide them in a drink, somehow my body doesn’t notice.

Do you cook? I live with my boyfriend, but we never cook together. It’s too stressful. Last Sunday he offered to make us a roast, which was the most romantic thing I’ve ever experienced. He cooked a chicken and did all the sides while I painted my nails and watched Selling Sunset, which is like Real Housewives, but with even more expensive yet disgusting houses.

A Sunday smell? An essential oil called Great Evening, although I’ve no idea what’s in it. I recently bought a diffuser to make our home smell better. I take it from room to room, plugging it in. A great way to spend the day.

A Sunday memory? At home aged 10: Dad working on his computer; Mum doing a krisskross (not a crossword, she’s not basic); my brother playing video games; and me reading Danny, the Champion of the World. I remember looking around and thinking: this is the happiest I will ever be. I was a very dramatic pre-teen.

The perfect day out? A friend’s birthday brunch, a small select group. I’ll turn up 35 minutes late and order two bottles of prosecco as I arrive so everyone forgets my lateness. The celebrations continue into the night, but I leave before it gets too raucous and do something I’ll regret, instead finishing the night off falling asleep with a glass of red wine in front of a BBC drama.

And before bed? Online shopping. I spend the weekend browsing, but need the closure of a purchase before the new week starts. I’ll buy anything: maybe a new wall clock, before throwing my phone away. My New Year resolutions were to see more theatre and live music and to use Amazon less. Thank you 2020!

Ghosts Series 2 is coming soon to BBC One

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