Manipur government warns action against employees following tribal group’s order to skip work

The Manipur government said it will take action against anyone who follows an order issued by the Indigenous Tribal Leader’s Forum (ITLF) which asked state government employees in Churachandpur district (Lamka) not to attend work on Monday, February 19.

The notice issued by ITLF on Saturday said anyone found attending office is responsible for themselves “if any untoward incident happened to them”. The group also said all state government offices in the district will be closed from Monday until further notice.

The ITLF order warned state government employees from going to work on February 19.

The tribal group is demanding the cancellation of the suspension of Siamlalpaul — a head constable of the Churachandpur district police.

It also said SP Shivanand Surve and Deputy Commissioner S Dharun Kumar should be replaced. The ITLF had earlier held the two officials responsible for the violence that erupted in Churachandpur after Siamlalpaul’s suspension.

Two people were killed in the incident.

Following the ITLF’s notice, the Home Department of Manipur on Sunday said, “No one shall or attempt to make any deliberate effort to follow or enforce the above notice at any cost.”

The Manipur government said anyone found not going to work without authorised leave will be prosecuted.

It added that anyone found violating the state government’s order ” shall be booked and prosecuted under relevant provision of law of land”. Further, the Home Department said a ‘no work, no pay’ policy shall be imposed against any employee who doesn’t attend their duty without authorised leave.

The government asked all District Magistrates and Superintendents of Police of all districts to take up necessary actions to enforce its orders.

Head constable Siamlalpaul was suspended after a video of him with “armed miscreants” went viral on social media.

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Feb 18, 2024

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