Milan 2024: Aircraft carriers INS Vikrant, Vikramaditya to take part in naval exercise in Vishakapatnam, says Admiral R Hari Kumar

Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar on Sunday said that the navy will conduct its biggest military exercise ‘MILAN’ in Vishakapatnam. Notably, the exercise involves the simultaneous participation of two naval warships, marking the first instance of such joint operations.

In an exclusive conversation with India Today TV, he said that this will be the first time that two naval aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant and Vikramaditya, are taking part in the exercise together, in which over 50 countries will participate.

“The Navy is conducting continuous operations to protect cargo ships from pirate attacks. The Indian Navy is helping ships of every country to avoid attacks by Somali pirates,” R Hari Kumar said.

He said that currently, the Indian Navy is undertaking two major operations — the anti-piracy operation and anti-drone operation.

“Under the anti-drone operation, we are supporting our merchant ships, not just Indian ship, but other ships which are in distress as well. If there’s any damage, we have been trying to help them and assist them to get to the harbour safely,” the Navy Chief said.

He said that the Navy has deployed several warships in the Arabian Sea for anti-drone operations, including P8I aircraft and MQ9 drones.

Kumar informed that under the anti-piracy operation, the Navy has deployed about four ships to tackle pirates.

He said that the Indian Navy had found that there were some fishing vessels bearing flags of other countries, including Iran and Pakistan, which were being hijacked by Somali pirates. The vessels were then being used to carry out piracy attacks on other ships, he said.

“We were able to make the pirates surrender and release the crew of three of such vessels. We are determined to help anyone who is in distress,” the Admiral added.

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Ashutosh Acharya

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Feb 18, 2024

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