Milind Deora speaks after quittinng Congress, says felt ‘sidelined’ in the party

Following his resignation from the Congress, former Union Minister Milind Deora revealed that he was “sidelined” within the party, prompting him to sever his ties with the grand old party. 

In an exclusive interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Consulting Editor of India Today TV, Deora elaborated on his decision, emphasizing that the present-day Congress differs significantly from the party he joined in 2004.

“The Congress party that I joined in 2004 is fundamentally different from the Congress party of 2024 in many ways. Its approach to politics, its way of dealing with its human resources, its organisational capabilities, its approach to issues, its role as an Opposition constructive or destructive. All of these are things that have fundamentally changed in the last few years,” he said while speaking to India Today TV.

Furthermore, Deora also shared his perception on the evolving dynamics within the Congress and the factors influencing his decades-long departure from the party.

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