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September 8, 2020

I signed up to Odeon Limitless (for which I pay monthly) but due to the pandemic, I am not able to visit the cinema. I would have to take a bus, which is not safe, and sit in a cinema with a mask on for three hours, which would be too uncomfortable. More to the point, I have a vulnerable husband and would hate to infect him.

I tried to phone Odeon to cancel my membership (its terms and conditions cite medical reasons as a reason to terminate) but it is not accepting calls. Instead, I emailed Limitless but only got an automated reply.

As I had not heard back, I cancelled the direct debit. I have now received a threatening letter from Harlands debt collectors demanding I pay the money, reinstate my bank details and pay an extra £9.99. I have to do this before 8 September to avoid further charges.

I think this is shameless behaviour, especially during the pandemic, and I wonder why people should all be expected to take risks to go to the cinema.

HS, New Malden

We agree this amounts to shoddy treatment as you were within your rights to cancel. Cinemas closed all of their venues in March and while some chains and independents have been reopening since 4 July, they are operating under strict conditions.

We got in touch with Odeon which says that due to staff homeworking practices, its Limitless phone line was temporarily suspended, triggering more inquiries via its email address. “HS will have received a letter from a third-party debt recovery company as a result of having cancelled her membership on our system,” it said.

After our intervention, Odeon contacted you and cancelled your Limitless membership. However, it really should not have set its attack dogs on you and, disappointingly, it did not apologise.

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