A Federal Court judge ruled Tuesday that the Canadian government won’t be going on trial for contributions to climate change — striking down a lawsuit brought by 15 young Canadians who argued the government was violating their charter rights. Federal Court Justice Michael Manson rejected a lawsuit initiated by the youths aged […]

Edmonton sports legend Joey Moss has died at the age of 57.  Moss, who was born with Down syndrome, worked as a locker room attendant with the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Football Team for decades. He was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.  In a statement, Moss’s family said he […]

This is an opinion piece by Doug Cuthand, an Indigenous affairs columnist, freelance journalist and filmmaker who lives in Saskatoon. For more information about CBC’s Opinion section, please see the FAQ. Last night the Saskatchewan Party became the province’s natural governing party. It joined the ranks of the Liberals federally and the Conservatives […]

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