PM Modi address to BJP cadre at National Convention meet, says ‘Win everyone’s trust in next 100 days’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to dedicate the next 100 days to reaching out to new voters and securing their confidence, with the ultimate goal of ensuring party’s return to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In his rousing address to party cadre and leaders on the concluding day of BJP’s National Convention in New Delhi, PM Modi asked every single member of the party to make it a mission to gain the trust and support of voters.

“Over the next 100 days, each one of us has to go out and reach out to new voters, every beneficiary and every community. We have got to win everyone’s trust and support. Our sincere workers stay with the people 24X7 and all through the year, doing something or the other to gain their trust and confidence. However, over the next 100 days, we have to work with renewed enthusiasm and vigour,” the Prime Minister said.

“Today is February 18 and the youth who have reached the milestone of 18 years in this period are going to elect the 18th Lok Sabha of the country,” he added.

The Prime Minister further said that he was not seeking a third term to enjoy power, but to work for the nation. “If I had thought of my home, it would not have been possible to build homes for crores of people,” he said.

Attributing the success of his governance, PM Modi said that he is working for ‘rashtraniti’ (national policy) and not ‘rajneeti’ (politics). “A senior leader once told me I had done enough as PM and CM, I should rest. But I am working for ‘rashtraniti’, not ‘rajneeti’,” he said.

Discussing the BJP’s strategy for a “Viksit Bharat”, PM Modi underscored the party’s unity, bringing together the power of youths, women, farmers, and the youth.

“We asked those who were not acknowledged by anyone, and not just that, we have also worshipped them,” he said.

Taking a jibe at Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s “Abki baar, 400 par” gaffe in Parliament, PM Modi said, “Today, even some leaders in the Opposition are chanting ‘NDA sarkar 400 par. However, to take NDA past 400 in Lok Sabha polls, the BJP has to cross 370 seats”.

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Sahil Sinha

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Feb 18, 2024

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