Popular English Rhyme Gets A Classical Twist, Internet Reacts

Video: Popular English Rhyme Gets A Classical Twist, Internet Reacts

Viewers have been enthralled with this unique interpretation.

Ananth Rupanagudi, an Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS) officer, recently shared a video on social media that went viral in no time. In the video, a man beautifully combines the well-known English nursery rhyme “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” with Hindustani classical music. Viewers have been enthralled with this unique interpretation, which demonstrates the creativity and cultural diversity that exists in the country.

In the video, a man is seen playing the harmonium while the other is seen playing the tabla. Meanwhile, another man sitting in the middle of the group sings the rhyme with a classical touch to it. This rendition combines the English lyrics and the sounds and melodies of Hindustani classical music. The rhyme added a new cultural dimension for the viewers, creating an enthralling experience.

The two-minute video left many social media users impressed. Since being shared, it has amassed over 20,000 views. “If this had come 100 years ago, the British would have left their country themselves!” reads the caption of the post.

“Awesome! Truly, our people have great talent and even better sense of humour! I wonder what reaction a gora will give to this video!” remarked a user.

“Brilliant work for indianising a western song! Loved it!” commented a person.

Another added, “This is how ‘Shashtriya sangeet’ or for that matter anything to be marketed . Make it palatable and connect it to the end user. too good”

“So well rendered,” added a person.

“Great Emotions, like his dedication” commented a user.

“Johny Johny!! But loved the tabla and singing too!” said a person.

A person added, “Classical Johnny! eating sugaaaaar”

A user said, “Grammy award winning performance.”

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