Ramayan Retold With AI Images Sparks Online Buzz, Users Suggest Converting It Into A Book

Ramayan Retold With AI Images Sparks Online Buzz, Users Suggest Converting It Into A Book

The captivating images and graphics are gaining appreciation on the internet.

The consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya has ignited a surge of social media activity centered around Lord Ram, Ayodhya, and the Ramayana. From heartfelt expressions of faith to insightful commentary and even creative renditions of the epic tale, people are sharing their unique perspectives and experiences with this momentous occasion. This digital wave reflects the profound impact this event has had on collective consciousness, sparking a lively dialogue and celebration of faith, history, and culture.

Among the countless posts, a Twitter thread by a user has gained attention. Madhav Kohli, a digital creator, has caught the eye of the internet audience by showcasing the Ramayan epic using artificial intelligence (AI) imagery.

He shared the complete story of Ramayan in just 60 posts. He captioned the thread “The Complete Ramayan by Maharishi Valmiki. In under 60 posts, Made with Artificial Intelligence”.

He started the post by writing, “Ayodhya, the capital of the great kingdom of Kosala, was one of the wealthiest and most advanced civilizations in the world. King Dasharatha, ruler of the Kosala Kingdom, had everything to his name but a son. He ruled the greatest kingdom in the world. But I had to see it exist without an heir.”

Following that, he continued the saga with stunning images and graphics that have been well-received by the online audience. The impressive AI-generated illustrations depict various characters from the Ramayana in vibrant portraits. The series had a powerful portrayal of Lord Ram, drawing his arrow against a backdrop of fire, thunder, and lightning. The graphics provide a visual tour of the Ayodhya landscape and include imaginative depictions of King Dasharatha, Sita, and Lakshman.

Shortly after the images appeared online, social media users were amazed by the impressive graphics, expressing admiration for both the art and the artist in their comments.

“This should be turned into a book. Damn, it is great,” commented a user.

“Way better than Adipurush,” wrote another user.

The post has garnered over 1 million views.

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