Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Trump

No less than 24 women have pointed the finger at Trump of sexual harassment. The widely discussed #MeToo movement added a new dimension to this accusation.

But Trump has denied all of these claims. He said that the accusers are a bunch of liars.
In current times, sexual assault has become a national issue for Americans. Women are not afraid to protest now.

Since 1970, as a minimum of 24 women accused Trump of sexual harassment.
Video footage became viral in October 2016. After that, many women came forward with the charges of sexual harassment against Trump.

In the video footage of 2005, we can see that Trump is groping a woman’s vagina.
Before this video, few women filed complaints against Trump. But they didn’t have any proof to support their claims. After this video, many women came up with similar objections.

However, Trump dismissed all the charges of sexual harassment against him. He said those allegations were nothing but political propaganda.

Trump even said that one of the accusers is unattractive. So, there was no point in harassing her sexually. He stated this through his lawyer.

In 2016, Trump talked about these allegations in an election campaign. Back then, he was a Republican candidate. On that rally, Trump said that the woman who complained against him is a fraud.

And he will sue that ‘liar’ woman after the election. In an interview later, Donald Trump said, “These women are making false accusations against me. They got a large amount of money for that.”

But even so far, President Trump didn’t sue those women. On the other hand, two more oppressed women filed lawsuits against Trump.

Despite Trump’s repeated denials, people don’t believe his innocence. A survey in 2017 showed that 50% (59% of women and 41% of men) voted that Trump should resign after these allegations.

Some of the most well-known Democrat lawyers played a leading
role in demanding Trump’s resignation. Holloway is one of the victims of sexual harassment. In 2017, she gave an interview on NBC News.

She said, “Trump is not a private citizen. Americans should see the character of the man who got entrusted with the responsibility of the entire country. They should know his attitude toward women.”

Another victim Jessica had an interview with the New York Times. She said that Trump was sitting next to her on a plane. Trump put his hand inside her skirt and touched her vagina.

Jessica protested and left that seat. She also said that Trump called her with one of the most awkward names. It is an incident from 1970. US President

Donald Trump has denied these allegations with confidence. He also added, “This woman does not go with my choice. So it is impossible to treat her like that.”

Jill Harth is another victim of Trump’s sexual harassment. She is a businesswoman and used to work with Donald Trump. In 2016, she told The Guardian that in 1990 Trump kissed her forcefully.

She said that she went to have dinner with him in a resort named “Mar-a-Lago.” Trump groped her there, pinned her hands against the wall. He pulled her skirt up and kissed her.

Jill got scared by that incident. She didn’t know what to do. Trump was waiting there for more. So, she said that she needed to go to the washroom and got out of that place.

Like every time, Donald Trump dismissed Jill’s complaint. He said that Jill Harth is a liar, and everything she claimed is bogus.

Every time a woman showed up with charges against Trump, he said that he would sue that woman. But he never does. And this makes the allegations stronger in the eye of people.

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Johny Watshon

Life is like running cycle right! I am a news editor at TIMES. Collecting News is my passion. Because my visitors have right to know the truth and perfectly.

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