‘Some call him mixed breed’: Eshwarappa on Rahul Gandhi over row on PM’s OBC status

Former Karnataka minister and senior BJP leader KS Eshwarappa took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said people refer to the Gandhi family as “mixed caste’ and “mixed breed”.

This comes after Rahul Gandhi alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi lied about his caste and that he does not belong to the OBC (Other Backward Class) category.

Addressing reporters in Shivamogga, KS Eshwarappa said, “During my speeches, people ask me a question — Which caste does Rahul Gandhi belong to? His mother is Sonia Gandhi and father is Rajiv Gandhi. So to which caste does he belong?”

“Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother is Indira Gandhi, and his grandfather is Feroze Khan (he was referring to Feroze Gandhi). So when the matter of his family’s caste came up, people said that this is a casteless family, one that is a mixed caste. Some people say it is a mixed-breed family,” he said.

The former minister added that the labels were not his words but the “public’s”.

Eshwarappa’s remark comes in the wake of a controversy which erupted after he said he wished to appeal to PM Modi to bring a law to shoot “two traitors” — DK Suresh and Vinay Kulkarni.

He accused the two Congress leaders of wanting South India to be a separate country.

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Feb 13, 2024

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