Why suicide tendency is high among successful people?

Why suicide tendency is high among successful people

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West

For many, life is beautiful. but a lifetime is not enough.Everyone wants success. What about the life style of a celebrity? What we think about their lifestyle.

We may think that the life of a celebrity is full of joy. But, the real picture is a little different. The truth is, at some point in your life, everyone has to deal with some unwanted situations.

It is seen that suicide tendency is high among successful people.

On August 11, 2004, famous comedian Robin Williams committed suicide . It was a huge shock for the fans. We may think that, he is successful in life.

Then, why he had to choose suicide?

Society thinks that wealthy people have no anxiety . The suicide of famous fashion designer Kate proved us wrong again. However, they are not the first ones here. There are many well-known faces. Like:

Robin Williams (63).
Aaron Schwartz (26).
Kurt Cobain (27).
Sylvia Plath (30).
Alan Turing (41).
Virginia Wolf (59).
Ernest Hemingway (61).
Van Gogh (37).

Every one second on eath one commits suicide. Sydney University conducted a study on suicide. They found that suicide tendency is high among people who involved in creative activities. Of course, there
are solutions.

Nobody is safe from suicide. Generally, most of the successful suffer from identity Crisis. People like to discuss about them.

They like to be more aware of themselves. Something went wrong somewhere! If so, then there is great danger! For this, they always want to be perfect.

That’s why they are more stressful than ten normal people. This emotional stress easily turns into depression.

They often attend social events. Some continue to compare themselves with others. They give other’s opinion more importance.

Candice Lam is a psychologist. He has long been seeing strong, famous and successful people in Hong Kong and China.

Half of his patients are CEO, celebrities or powerful politicians. They suffer from various mental disorders. Such as panic attack, drug addiction, insomnia, mood swings, suicidal tendencies etc.

In some cases, children of successful individuals also have a tendency to commit suicide.They don’t want to get this spotlight at times.

They think that this reputation is all due to their family relationships.This is not an achievement of their own.

So, they lose their self-confidence. At some point in life, they suffer from depression.

We live in an age of competition. If a successful person fails, it does not take long to fill the vacancy.

Because many others are standing behind this line to replace him. Sadly almost every time he has to go through these things alone. He can’t find people to share these things with.

Why one commit suicide? The exact cause is still unknown to the researchers.

Experts listed some causes like depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and loneliness. According to researchers, for these causes, one chooses the path of suicide.

Now, the question may be, why a well-known person afraid of seeking medical treatment?

The answer is very simple. Fear! Some if they fear that they will lose their jobs. Or that others may think they are weak. Simply, talking about mental illness is still taboo, somewhat lame.

Famous fashion designer Kate Spade is one such. He understood his problem.

But he did not go to the doctor. He thought that it would ruin his fashion brand image. Rather, take alcohol as a medicine. Two weeks later, he committed suicide.

Were there less in the lives of artists like Robin Williams or Chester Bennington. He could get treatment from the best psychiatrist if they want.

But he didn’t. Because everyone can’t seek mental help from

Widely discussed cases of suicide are sometimes imitated by others. For example, after Robin Williams’ suicide, the rate increased by 10 per cent.

When a person going through a situation like this, we should listen to them. If someone’s behavior seems suspicious, we should give hin time.

We should talk to mentally depressed person properly so that he get his self-confidence back again.

We should engage them social activities. Because, money can’t buy mental peace.

But, treatment is the best solution. At last we want to say, “if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”