Sunday Scrum: A throne speech with ambitious plans, few details

September 27, 2020
Sunday Scrum: A throne speech with ambitious plans, few details

CBC News Network’s Sunday Scrum panel is your destination for frank discussion and analysis of the week’s big political stories.

This week, we talk to our panellists about the Liberal government’s throne speech, which outlined Ottawa’s COVID-19 response and recovery plan from the pandemic. 

The panellists also discuss criticisms from the federal Conservatives after the party declared it would not support the speech from the throne.

Also on the program: a discussion of the Liberals and NDP striking a deal over greater access to paid sick leave, a resurgence of COVID-19 that prompted the prime minister to deliver a rare national address, and what comes next for the Green Party as it faces a leadership vote.

WATCH | Throne speech provides ambitious plans, few details:

The federal government outlined its pandemic response and recovery plan in a throne speech this week, promising an extension of the wage subsidy program and national standards for long-term care facilities, as well as investment in a national child-care program and a plan to address systemic racism. 9:21

WATCH | Conservatives slam throne speech:

The federal Conservatives said this week they will not support the government’s throne speech, saying it lacks substance, offers no fiscal framework and tramples on provincial jurisdiction. 7:02

WATCH | NDP gives Liberal government support:

The Liberals and the NDP reached an agreement this week to extend paid sick leave, boosting the number of people who can access sick days and clearing the way for New Democrats to support the throne speech and bypass an immediate fall election. 4:09

WATCH | COVID-19 cases surging in Canada:

In a rare televised national address this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that Canada is at a ‘crossroads’ as COVID-19 cases spike in some provinces and that the pandemic will get worse in the fall. 7:37

WATCH | Green Party leadership race:

The federal Green Party is set to chart a new course as it picks a new leader next week to replace Elizabeth May. Our political panel discusses who that might be and what challenges they will face. 8:10

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