Tamil Nadu Assembly resolution against one nation one election delimitation exercise

The Tamil Nadu Assembly on Wednesday passed two resolutions against the Centre’s proposed ‘One Nation, One Election’ policy and the delimitation process after 2026.

The resolution called the ‘One Nation, One Election’ proposal an impractical and dangerous idea.

The Assembly, while adopting the resolution against the delimitation exercise, outlined that in the event it becomes necessary for “unavoidable reasons”, the criteria for conducting the process should be based on the population recorded in the 1971 census.

Chief Minister MK Stalin moved the resolutions, describing the ‘One Nation, One Election’ proposal as ‘autocratic’ and a ‘conspiracy’. He argued that both proposals would adversely impact democracy and asked the opposition to unite against them.

Stalin emphasised that the ‘One nation, One election’ concept contradicted the Constitution’s fundamental features, posing a threat to the guarantee of independent, free, and fair elections in the country.

“The one nation one election is out-and-out impractical, and it is against the basic feature of the Constitution. It is fully opposed to the Constitutional guarantee of independent, free and fair polls,” the Chief Minister said.

He also raised concerns about the potential dissolution of state assemblies in advance, labelling the proposal as comical. The Chief Minister said conducting local polls was under the state government’s jurisdiction, and any claim to the contrary would infringe upon state rights.

Opposing the delimitation exercise, Stalin viewed it as a punishment for states with reduced populations, saying it would lead to a decrease in constituencies.

“The delimitation exercise is a ‘punishment’ for states that have a smaller population. The number of constituencies in both the houses of Parliament and in the Assemblies are cut down for such states that reduce population,” he said.

MLAs of various parties, including Congress, VCK, MDMK, and Left parties, supported the government’s resolutions.

However, AIADMK extended its conditional support to the delimitation exercise and said that if it was to be held on the basis of the 1971 census, the party would support it.

On ‘One nation, One election’, AIADMK’s Thalavai Sundaram said his party had told the panel studying the matter that it would back the proposal only if its ten suggestions were positively considered.

The resolutions were later passed by a voice vote, with Speaker M Appavu declaring unanimous approval for the delimitation resolution. The resolution on simultaneous polls urged the Union government to refrain from implementing the ‘One Nation, One Election’ policy, citing its impracticality and conflict with democratic principles.

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Sahil Sinha

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Feb 14, 2024

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