TechCrunch is heading to MWC. We want to hear about your startup

It’s [checks calendar] a week and a half until Mobile World Congress 2024 [mild panic creeps in], and TechCrunch will be returning to Barcelona once again for the big phone show [soothing memories of tapas past]. The event is always a big one for big telecos, phonemakers and European startups alike.

As ever, we’re particularly interested in that last category. Among other things, the show serves as a great opportunity to get some hands-on time with startups we may have missed or were otherwise not present at CES last month. If you run an interesting or innovative startup, MWC 2024 could also prove a great opportunity to have an audience with one of our editors.

If that sounds like you, please fill out the form below and make sure to include the relevant contact info. We’re sending a small team, so we can’t respond to every pitch. If we’re interested, however, we’ll drop you a line to set up a meeting.




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