TV Series YOU: The story of a psychopath lover

Joe Goldberg is a bookstore manager in New York. One day a girl came to her shop. Joe’s eyes have been caught sight of the girl in blonde hair, dark brown shirt, and jeans.

The girl used to look around for bookshelves. Joe keeps watching from a distance. Finally, the girl appeared before him. The girl’s charming face and graceful behavior made him very attractive to her. He falls in love with the girl at first sight.

That’s how the first episode of the TV series YOU began. It was first released on a streaming service called Lifetime, but later, Netflix purchased the set. It returned to its website as Netflix Original late last year.

From the start, many may think that this is a very romantic TV series YOU. The audience will think so for at least ten minutes before the first episode begins. But this is something different.

It is based on the famous novel by US author Caroline Cabanes. There is no reason to be surprised if you find this Netflix’s psychological thriller in the ‘must-see’ series.

Story in brief 

There is a proverb that “everything is fair in love & war.” However, love and obsession are not the same. It’s natural to feel an attraction about someone of the opposite sex. But the focus of that attraction, the bizarre tendon, do not fall into the normal phase.

This is what happened to Joe Goldberg, the main character in the series. The handsome and bookworm boy falls in love at first sight with another character in the story, Beck Guinevere. He does not want to be the only guest of her life. He wants to be her soulmate.

Nowadays, When you think of modern love, everything starts with social media. But in Joe’s case, things were different. He does not like these social media platforms.

He has no account on Facebook, Instagram, etc. He does not support the fictitious way of life shown by human beings on social media. But only social media is open for him to know about this stranger’s women.

Coming home, Joe started searching the girl on the Internet. Joe’s close observation begins with Beck’s ID finding on Instagram. To him, this may seem like a close observation, but in the modern language, it is called ‘stock.’

That is, seeing others’ accounts, who’s commenting, who’s like, and so on. Joe has a remarkable ability to observe people. He can tell a lot about a man by his conduct, manner of movement, and so on. He used his observation skills to get to know Bec and the people around him.

First, he extracted Beck’s daily life, friends, etc. from her Instagram ID. Then Joe got her home address through Google Maps. The next morning, he arrived in front of Beck’s home. The thing that he noticed while going there was that Beck lived a very random life.

There were no curtains in the windows of the home. An ordinary person might have just arrived and finished his quest. But Joe Goldberg does not fall in line with the general public.

He thought that he needs to know more about Beck to find a permanent place in her mind. He had no hesitation in entering in Beck’s empty house without permission.

Beck, who lives alone, uses social media regularly, but in these cases, he has no security measures at all. Because of this, Joe had no difficulty turning on Beck’s laptop. There he got a lot of information about Beck.

As he began to collect personal information about Beck, his curiosity grew up.

Joe decided that when Beck’s will genuinely fall in love with Joe, he will eliminate all her mistakes and problems. At first, he started following Beck from a distance. However, through an unforeseen accident, Joe finally has to face Beck.

why the series is awesome

These ten episodes series can be seen by many in one sitting. Greg Berlanti and Sara Gamble deserve appreciation for their direction. Now let’s discuss the reasons why the series is so exciting.

Storytelling technique: First Person Narrative was a storytelling technique in Caroline Kaepness’s ‘You’ novel. That is, the story goes on with the main character’s narration. In

TV series, there was no exception. The storytelling is the main attraction of this series. From the very first seconds of the round, Joe Goldberg begins telling his own story. That is, until the very last second.

He explains all his actions with his point of view. The story is his. So, he completely lifts the responsibility of telling the story of his shoulder. Throughout the series, the viewer must remain enthralled by his words.

Sometimes, the viewer will agree with him. Sometimes, they will not. Joe Goldberg is neither the hero of this series nor the villain. This type of character is called an anti-hero.

Acting: It doesn’t seem necessary to say anything more about the main character Joe Goldberg. Penn Beazley brings out her best with this character. He successfully screened this mysterious character hidden amidst charming personalities.

Now let’s get to the second main character. Beck Guinevere is an emerging author. The bake of the TV series has been reflected in the simplicity of the novel, the simplistic personality, the heartbreaking look, the tendency to capture everyone’s attention, etc.

At one point in the series, Beck started to tell a story. This sudden change will force the viewer to move a little.

Other side characters include Joe’s neighbor boy Paco, Beck’s three girlfriends Peach, Anika and Lynn, and many more. This series with a few characters. Each performer has portrayed these characters on the screen very clearly.

Special mention must be made of actress Shay Mitchell. The actress, who is known as ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ played the character of Beck’s girlfriend, Pitch. Controlling Beck with emotion was a significant part of this series.

Highlight different aspects of real-life: Real pictures of love, friendship, social media, etc. are highlighted through this series. There are many differences between blind love and sadness. This series has shown how dangerous it is to control someone in the name of love mentally

Here the magnet part of the story is explained. The series ends with a clip hanger.

Which means the second season will come.

Caroline’s novel ‘You’ has a second part. Based on his novel ‘Hidden Bodies,’ the next season of ‘YOU” will be made.

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Life is like running cycle right! I am a news editor at TIMES. Collecting News is my passion. Because my visitors have right to know the truth and perfectly.

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