US troops withdraw from Syria: Whose gains?

US troops withdraw from Syria

President of the USA has said to remove US troops from Syria. In a video message, he said that all the troops working in Syria would be returned within 30 days.

“We have won the war against ISIS. We lost them. We lost them very badly. We have got the land back.  Now it is our time to return our troops.”
Why this decision?

The main aim of the USA is to gives troops in Syria to put down the rise of ISIS. The Head General said that they are able to achieve the goal & ISIS had lost 99 percent of their land-living in Syria.

As a result, ISIS, which once became a major threat to the USA, has now become a cat.
Trump thinks that his country is safe from ISIS. And that is why he made this decision. Impact of Trump’s Decision on Washington.

Washington has received a big push for such a decision by Trump. Trump’s decision could not be accepted by the top US army. The defense minister of the country has left the position.

Anti-terrorism experts fear the Islamic State that they maybe rise again if the US army leaves Syria. Trump’s external policy said that he has given his enemies a gift.
Trump’s Reaction Trump did not lose confidence even hearing such talking against him in his own country.

He has made it clear that he will not give any profit to anyone. If ISIS tries to raise again, he will again do the same thing rub them again on the ground!
“Does the United States Want to be a Police Man in the Middle East? Do they want to spend dollar to save their lives, Most of the people who do not see any of his actions well?

Do we want to stay in Syria forever? Now is the time for others to join the fight …”

“…Russia, Iran, Syria, and many others are not happy with the decision of the leave of the USA”.
Because now they have to face ISIS without us. Now, I am building the most strong army in the world, without any help. If ISIS hits us, they’ll be finished!

That is how Trump made his decision.

Profit-loss calculation But no matter what Trump says, the talk has begun in every corner of the world.

Who is going to get profit from the US removal decision and who is going to suffer? Let us find the answer to that question too.

Syria’s President, Russia, and Iran, the biggest friend in the international field, are all going to get profit from Trump’s decision. Turkey and the Islamic State will also get profit.
Iran supports Syria much more than other countries. Their supports give Syria major forces to fight against the enemy.

For Syria, they have re-plan their main map all over the Middle East. They have sent thousands of Shiite forces to Syria.
Those who continue to fight both on the ground and in the sky to keep Assad power.
Through this, they have made a profit for themselves. Through Syria, they are able to give arms to their friend Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran has trained them & made them strong. By this, the friendship with Iraq and Lebanon has become strong.

At the root of all this is the sprawling of an alliance. So, they will be able to collide with Israel at once.
Russia will also get profit. One day after Trump’s decision, the Russian President said that Donald is right & I agree with him.

Russia has sent more than 5,000 troops and dozens of planes to Syria to make the power of Assad strong. Through this, they have confirmed the safety of their ships at the Syrian port.

Thus, with very low supports, Russia has been able to create friendships with Syria & power in the Middle East.

For the first time since the fall down of the Soviet Union, they have raised as a major force in the world as a result of their power in the Middle East.

Bashar al-Assad.

Assad will also get profit. One of his enemies was killed by the exit of the US troops. So the way of his power has become easier than ever.

In his own country, he had two enemies, one party was against his state and the other was the Islamic State. Of these, the second has already hurt with the help of US troops.
Through the long failure, the first party is now very weak.

The USA and Turkey are members of NATO, the fight between them over the Syrian
problem was growing slowly. Both of the countries are against Assad but they were forced to take a stand against each other because of Kurdish forces.

The USA joined hands with the Kurdish force to control the Islamic State. But the Syrian Kurdish forces are in link with the Turkish separatist Kurds, who want to get out of Turkey and form their own freedom state.

So friendship with the Syrian Kurdish forces is against Turkey.
Turkey’s President has long been sending troops to Syria to threaten the Kurdish attacker to ruin the Syrian Kurds.

But could not because of Washington. But now that the USA is returning their troops from Syria & there is no one left by Kurdish forces.

It is true that the Islamic State has lost 95% of its land. As a result, it is very hard for them to save energy again.

But since Turkey can get into Syrian Kurdish forces as the USA left, Syria’s ISIS will be fully free from enemy. There is no doubt that they will try to get back their energy.