Watch live: Judge considers if Fani Willis should be kicked off Donald Trump’s Georgia case

Legal experts tell the BBC that the testimony we’ve heard so far today has been harmful for Willis.

In particular, testimony from Willis’ former close friend that her relationship with Wade began earlier than they claim is “a really huge problem”, says Andrew Fleischman, a defence attorney in Atlanta.

The hearing now becomes a he-said, she-said situation, putting the judge in an “awkward” position, Fleischman says.

Wade has been an excellent witness, he says, being polite and hard to pin down.

But the fact that Willis’ friend, Robin Yeartie, had sought to avoid testimony, suggests that Willis’ attorneys’ attempts to portray her as a disgruntled former Fulton County employee seeking revenge, may be in vain.

Her testimony was “quite damaging”, Fleischman says.

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