Watch the Paralympic Super Series Rewind

Watch the Paralympic Super Series Rewind

Click on the video player above at 2 p.m. ET to watch the Paralympic Super Series Rewind.

The Canadian Paralympic Committee presents the 10-episode series over 10 consecutive days from Monday, Aug. 24 through Wednesday, Sept. 2, during the time in which the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games were originally scheduled to be held.

The Super Series Rewind will showcase top medal performances from the summer Games held throughout the 2000s decade and begin on the one-year countdown to the rescheduled Paralympic Games in Tokyo next summer.

Hosted by Benoit Huot, with guest hosts Stephanie Dixon and Philippe Gagnon, Super Series Rewind will feature moments from the Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, including gold-medal events in Para athletics, Para swimming, Para equestrian, boccia, and Para sailing, as well as medal performances in wheelchair basketball, goalball, and wheelchair rugby.

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Each episode will include commentary and interviews with athletes as they watch themselves compete and relive their medal performances.

Super Series Rewind is the first lookback edition of the Paralympic Super Series, which typically brings live coverage of Para sport competitions to viewers across Canada. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw the Super Series live-stream the Para Cycling Track World Championships and wheelchair rugby last-chance Tokyo qualification tournament.

A full schedule of events and featured athletes is listed below.

Monday August 24

  • Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008: Opening ceremony highlights 

Tuesday August 25

  • Beijing 2008 —  Para Athletics: Chantal Petitclerc
  • Sydney 2000 — Para Swimming: Adam Purdy, Danielle Campo, Benoit Huot, Elisabeth Walker-Young, Stephanie Dixon 
  • Athens 2004 —  Para Swimming: Walter Wu 
  • Beijing 2008 —  Para Equestrian: Lauren Barwick

Wednesday August 26

  • Sydney 2000 —  Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medal  

Thursday August 27 

  • Beijing 2008 —  Para Athletics: Dean Bergeron, Michelle Stilwell 
  • Sydney 2000 —  Para Swimming: Jessica Sloan, Danielle Campo, Philippe Gagnon 
  • Athens 2004 —  Para Swimming: Chelsey Gotell, Benoit Huot
  • Beijing 2008 —  Para Sailing: Paul Tingley

Friday August 28 

  • Sydney 2000 —  Para Swimming: Relays, Elisabeth Walker-Young
  • Sydney 2000 —  Athens 2004: Women’s Goalball Gold Medal  

Saturday August 29

  • Beijing 2008 —  Para Athletics: Chantal Petitclerc
  • Sydney 2000 —  Para Swimming: Walter Wu, Jessica Sloan
  • Athens 2004 —  Para Swimming: Benoit Huot
  • Athens 2004 —  Boccia: Paul Gauthier 

Sunday August 30

  • Sydney 2000 —  Women’s Wheelchair Basketball gold medal 

Monday August 31

  • Beijing 2008 — Para Athletics: Dean Bergeron, Michelle Stilwell 
  • Athens 2004 — Para Swimming: Anne Polinario, Benoit Huot, Stephanie Dixon 

Tuesday September 1

  • Athens 2004 — Wheelchair Rugby silver medal 

Wednesday September 2 

  • Beijing 2008 — Para Athletics: Chantal Petitclerc
  • Sydney 2000 — Para Swimming: Jessica Sloan, Philippe Gagnon, Stephanie Dixon 
  • Athens 2004 — Para Swimming: Anne Polinario, Benoit Huot

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