We are very close to a peace deal with the Taliban – President Trump.

President Donald Trump said that his administration is very close to a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan. He also said that a temporary ceasefire agreement with rebel groups throughout the country for a week was going well.

After a two-day visit on Tuesday, President Trump spoke to reporters in India and said that his Afghan peace initiative had received enormous support and everyone was happy with New Delhi.

On Tuesday, Mike Pompeo, State secretary, said that the USA is interested in signing an agreement with the Taliban if they see a positive result of seven days of violence reduction.

Trump said of the temporary ceasefire and the upcoming possible peace deal with the Taliban that, “We are very close. We will see what is happening. We have passed two days of minimal violence without any violence. And we will see what happens. We’ve got two days now under our belt without violence.”

The mutually agreed seven-day reduced war agreement went into effect last Saturday. US-backed Afghan forces and rebels have vowed not to launch the seven-day offensive.

According to the terms of the talk, the ceasefire has been effective in Afghanistan since last Saturday. US-backed forces and the Taliban have not violated the condition. There was no confrontation.

On Tuesday, Pompeo from the State Department added that “so far, the reduction in violence is working. It isn’t perfect, but it’s working. It’s got to work for a long time while this political resolution is driven forward. The
“conditions-based withdrawal,” if it comes to bear, “sets a high bar for the things that will take place in order for America to ensure that we can accomplish both of those missions: a peace and reconciliation solution in Afghanistan and ensuring that the homeland continues to be as risk-free as we can possibly make it.”

The final agreement will be in Qatar on February 29. If so, the United States’ longest war on the outside world will end, and 13,000 US troops will be able to return from Afghanistan.

Without referring, Pompeo said, “there are those with an enormous vested interest in the status quo.”

“We want to make sure that those who want the status quo — bloodshed, tears, economic challenges — all of those people who have an interest, whether that’s because of corruption or because some ideological view, can’t spoil what it is that the Afghan people so richly deserve after they have sacrificed so much alongside, fighting alongside us, these past 20 years.”

It should be noted that two US service members were killed by the Taliban by this month. Taliban and other anti-government groups were attacked a considerable number of government & non-government organizations.

The US military has been in Afghanistan for ten years. It costs the United States about $ 1 trillion; 2400 army members died.

O’Brien, Advisor of National Security, said that
“If the Taliban does not live up to their agreement on the reduction of violence plan, then we’ll take a cautious look at it,”