Women’s world boxing championships postponed amid pandemic

November 11, 2021
Women's world boxing championships postponed amid pandemic


The women’s world boxing championships have been postponed from next month to March 2022 because of restrictions in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, the International Boxing Association said.

AIBA said late Wednesday that teams were finding it difficult to compete at the traditionally amateur world championships in Turkey, which are offering prize money for the first time, with $100,000 US on offer for gold medallists.

“The feedback received is that too many National Federations are facing difficult situations and restrictions within their countries,” AIBA said.

The world championships were without a host for much of 2021 before Turkey stepped in Oct. 2. They were due to be held from Dec. 6 through 19.

Boxing Canada evaluating situation

Boxing Canada had previously decided against sending athletes to the women’s world championship in December.

But following the news that the event would be postponed, the organization said it would evaluate the situation.

When Boxing Canada had decided against sending any team or representatives, it cited “the limited competitive readiness of our athletes due to the strict [COVID-19] measures that have been in place in Canada.”

It had made the same decision for the men’s world championships, which recently concluded in Serbia.

The next national championships in Canada is also scheduled to take place in March 2022 — the first nationals since before the pandemic derailed competition. Boxing Canada said a lack of nationals also led to an “absence of selection criteria” ahead of the world championships.

A spokesperson for Boxing Canada says it will evaluate the situation to come up with different options based on the dates that will be established.

No women’s world championships have been held since 2019 because of the pandemic.


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