11-year-old Kanpur boy, on his way to temple, attacked by stray dogs, CCTV captures incident

An 11-year-old boy was attacked by stray dogs while he was on his way to a temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, police said. He suffered injuries on his back, legs and arm.

The incident took place on February 10.

In a CCTV footage that captured the incident, the boy, Shubham, is seen walking towards a temple near Durga Puja Park when a group of dogs suddenly attacks him.

Shubham is seen running while the dogs chase him. As he runs, the boy falls to the ground and the dogs surround him and bite him, CCTV showed.

The boy overpowers the dogs and continues running while the canines chase him. He saves himself after entering a park and climbs on the boundary well, according to the CCTV.

The people of the locality ran to save Shubham and chased away the dogs.

Shubham was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

The boy’s family members later came to know that the dogs were under the protection of the couple living near the temple. A commotion broke out between Shubham’s family, their neighbours and the couple.

Police said both parties have been asked to reach a compromise and warned of action if people took the law in their own hands.

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Prateek Chakraborty

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Feb 13, 2024

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