3 sadhus from Uttar Pradesh, en route to Gangasagar Mela, assaulted in West Bengal


Three sadhus from Uttar Pradesh who were en route to the Gangasagar Mela in West Bengal, were beaten by a mob on Thursday evening. The incident happened in Bengal’s in Purulia district, after the sadhus were suspected to be kidnappers.

The sadhus – a man and his two sons, had hired a vehicle to reach Gangasagar for the Makar Sankranti festival.

As they inquired about the route, some locals became suspicious, leading to an agitated crowd accusing them of kidnapping. They further assaulted the sadhus.

According to the details, three teenage girls, whom the sadhus had asked about the route, screamed and ran away, prompting locals to apprehend and manhandle the sadhus.

A video from the spot also showed the mob vandalising a police vehicle.

As the situation escalated, local police intervened and rescued the sadhus and took them to the Kasipur Police Station.

Commenting on the incident, Abhijit Banerjee, Purulia Police Superintendent said a case was registered and investigations were underway. Police also said that raids were being conducted to apprehend those involved in the assault.

The police also said that the sadhus had lost their way and had stopped to confirm the route with two girls. The girls got scared and ran away, they said, prompting locals to guess that the sadhus must have harassed the girls.

A transport to the Gangasagar Mela was later arranged for the sadhus, they said.

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Vani Mehrotra

Published On:

Jan 13, 2024


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