AI used to remove severe blood clots from a patient at Medanta Hospital Gurugram

A 62-year-old patient, who had a blood clot in his lung and in a deep vein in his leg, was treated using Artificial Intelligence technology at Medanta Hospital in Haryana’s Gurugram. According to doctors, this makes Medanta the first hospital in the country to adopt such technology.

The Penumbra Flash 12 F Catheter, an AI-driven device, was employed to remove the clots during the endovascular procedures.

Since July 2023, Medanta Hospital has successfully treated 25 cases of pulmonary embolism, a condition of blood clot that blocks the blood flow to an artery in the lung.

According to doctors, this “ground-breaking technology” minimises blood loss, reducing complications such as anemia, in addition to expediting patient recovery.

“Instead of opening the chest and the arteries, you can suck out the blood clots. The AI aspect is where you can suck out the clots without sucking out the blood. In the past we would have to do a major operation, and there would be an element of risk as well,” Dr Naresh Trehan, cardiologist and Chairman of the Medanta Hospital said.

AI helps to remove blood clots with minimal surgical procedure.

Narendra Singh, a pilot by profession, was admitted to the emergency room with shortness of breath, sudden leg pain, and swelling.

“Using the Penumbra Flash 12 F catheter, the blood clots were removed. This approach navigated complex veins and provided immediate relief from pain and swelling. The patient was cleared for discharge within 48 days with follow-up treatment instructions,” Dr Tarun Grover, who performed the procedure, said.

Unlike old surgical methods, this procedure is done with local anaesthesia and the patient is awake to witness the procedure himself, the doctor explained.

Dr Rajiv Parakh, an Endovascular specialist also stated, “Unlike other procedures that may result in considerable blood loss and longer recovery, Penumbra Lightning minimises such risks. It ensures quicker rehabilitation, reduces complications and improves overall recovery time.”

The AI-driven procedure minimises blood loss and complications.

“The introduction of this technology signifies a remarkable advancement in aiding individuals afflicted with pulmonary embolism, enabling faster recovery and improved outcomes,” Dr Naresh added.

The Medanta has also piloted a PERT (Pulmonary Embolism Interventions and Response Team) programme, to improve awareness about this condition which can turn fatal even for youngsters.

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Jan 13, 2024

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