Baba Ramdev’s clarification on OBC remark in viral video: Said Owaisi, not OBC

Yoga guru and Patanjali founder Baba Ramdev on Saturday said he was talking about AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and not OBCs after a video of him allegedly insulting the community went viral on social media. The undated video was shared widely and the hashtag “Boycott Patanjali” started trending on X (formerly Twitter).

In the undated video of Baba Ramdev circulating on X, he said, “Mera mool gotra hai brahma gotra. Aur main hu agnihotri. Agnihotri brahmin hu main. Bole ‘Babaji aap toh OBC ho’. OBC wale aisi taisi karaye. Faltu.” (My original gotra is Brahma gotra. I am an Agnihotri Brahman. People say babaji is OBC.)

When asked to comment on the viral video, Baba Ramdev said, “I never gave any statement on OBC.”

While posing the question to Baba Ramdev, the reporter had a slip of tongue and said “Owaisi” instead of “OBC”, to which the Yoga guru replied, “Owaisi? You know he is not right in his mind, so what’s the problem?”

Baba Ramdev further said, “Owaisi and his predecessors have always been anti-nationals. I don’t take him seriously.” Even after the reporter emphasised the term “OBC”, Baba Ramdev said he has never said anything against the community.

After his remark, Asaduddin Owaisi shared a post on X that slammed Baba Ramdev for doing a ‘u-turn’ on his statement.

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Jan 13, 2024

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