Crypto Founder Calls Time In Singapore Jail An ”Enjoyable Experience”

''Had The Best Sleep'': Crypto Founder Calls Time In Singapore Jail An ''Enjoyable Experience''

He also said that once he adjusted to prison life, he experienced a “magical feeling.”

Zhu Su, co-founder of failed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital was released from a Singapore prison last month after serving three months for noncooperation with liquidators. according to South China Morning Post. Mr. Su, in an upcoming podcast interview, reflected on his time behind bars, calling it a “really enjoyable experience”. He claimed that he had the ”best sleep” of his life while serving the sentence in a Singaporean prison, and added that everyone should look to spend time inside a cell.

”Obviously, no one wants to go to prison but I think that it’s a really enjoyable experience overall. Not to the point of, like, highly recommending it per se. But I would say that it’s something that if everyone got to experience once, I think it’s good for you.”

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Mr Zhu further said that he was able to catch up on his reading, do plenty of exercise, and was fed well with three daily meals and servings of fruits in between. 

”And then the sleep is amazing because they’ll turn the light off at 9.30 pm and the light comes back on at 5.30 am. But because you have no internet time, you have no alcohol, no caffeine (or) whatever, you’re just going to fall asleep immediately,” Mr Zhu continued.

Since there was no bed provided in prison and he had to sleep on the floor, he said “It’s the same as…a Japanese tatami mat” and it’s “really good for decompressing your…spine.”

He also said that once he adjusted to prison life, he experienced a “magical feeling.” “Because you feel a kinship with your ancestors. Like, this is actually how I was supposed to live,” he added. 

Notably, his firm Three Arrows Capital, collapsed in July 2022 as it defaulted on a $667 million loan from Voyager Digital. He was arrested in Singapore last September for failing to cooperate with investigations into the collapse of his crypto hedge fund. The 36-year-old was initially sentenced to four months in prison but was released early based on standard provisions for good behaviour.

His statements have also generated online buzz and garnered mixed responses. Laurence Day, the creator of Wildcat Protocol, in a sarcastic comment, wrote, ”Su Zhu was so terminally online that he had to go to literal prison to experience the same sense of “kinship with his ancestors” that the rest of us get from just logging off and walking barefoot on a beach with a cool breeze.” 

A second wrote, ”Turning a negative experience into a positive one is a very powerful skill to have but let’s not kid ourselves, Zhu.”  A third added, ”The only reason he said that is because he (was) in a Singapore prison. Try a Third World prison next time, I doubt he will say the same.”

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