Dead cows found in forest near Madhya Pradesh village

Hundreds of cow carcasses were recently found in a forest near a Madhya Pradesh village, sparking concern. It is still not been ascertained how dead cows ended up at the location.

However, officials suspect that these animals were transported from urban areas and dumped in the forest at night.

The head of Sillerpur village expressed his dismay at the situation, stating that despite informing the administration, no action had been taken.

“Four to five hundred cows are lying on the spot. The administration is not worried even though they have been informed,” he said.

Dr Vadil Jatav, a veterinarian, mentioned that the area has become an unofficial dumping ground for dead cows from the Karaira Municipality area.

A police official suggested that the cold weather might be to blame. “The cows may have died due to cold,” he stated, also mentioning that municipality workers have acknowledged the practice of dumping dead cows in the area.

(Input by Pramod Bhargava.)

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Aditi Sharma

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Feb 18, 2024

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