House Hunting In Delhi, Man Told To Get Rs 2,500 Visitor Card, Internet Reacts

House Hunting In Delhi, Man Told To Get Rs 2,500 Visitor Card, Internet Reacts

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There have been many strange instances people come across when they are looking to rent or buy a house. These incidents are particularly common where landlords sometimes have unusual and bizarre demands from their prospective tenants. However, this time around, a man who was looking for a place in Delhi faced a similar situation when the broker asked the man to pay Rs 2,500 to get a ‘visiting card’ from the society, to see any potential house.

A Reddit user who goes by the handle @zenpraxis took to the platform and shared the same. He shared a screenshot of the conversation and asked,  “Is this a scam? House Hunting in Delhi.” As per the screenshot, the property is located in Sarita Vihar. It is a fully furnished one bedroom-hall-kitchen with Rs 15000 as monthly rent. The broker asked the user to apply for a visiting card for the society. In addition to a Rs 2500 visiting charge, the broker informed the man that he would need to provide his Aadhar card number, WhatsApp number, photograph, and phone number to receive the card.

Is this a scam? Househunting in Delhi
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“The visiting fee is Rs 2500. If you like the flat, then your Rs 2500 will be deducted from your rent amount. If you do not like the flat, your Rs 2500 will be returned to you,” the broker added. 

Since being shared, the post has amassed 96 per cent upvotes and a variety of reactions. “I’m looking for a place to stay and this is the second time something like this is happening. I declined the first time. Also, give pro tips for finding a place (1bhk/1rk and not a PG) and help out a struggling brother,” the user wrote in the caption. 

“Yes, scam big time. Society visit ke liye card kyu chahiye? Mannat thodi hai (Why do you need it for society visit, It’s not Shah Rukh Khan’s house Mannat)” said a user.

“Basic rule of thumb. Anyone asking money is a scam,” commented a person.

A third user added, “Common scam in Bangalore, now in Delhi !!”

“There is never a visiting fee,” remarked a person.

“Anybody who says you pay X amount, it’ll be returned to you, is scamming you,” shared a person.

A user also said, “Dont just randomly believe brokers you find online ,call them ,visit their office and then proceed further .If they dont have office place ,they for sure are scammers.”

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