How does BTFS online proof work?. The online proof embedded in the BTFS… | by BitTorrent Inc. | Jan, 2024

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The online proof embedded in the BTFS distributed network is a crucial mechanism to ensure the reliability of storage nodes, while the uptime of a node serves as a key metric for evaluating its quality. Therefore, enabling online proof can greatly boost the performance, availability, and coverage of the BTFS distributed network.

Architecture of the BTFS online proof service:

BTFS online proof flow

  1. The signature data of the nodes is reported to online-server every day;
  2. Online-server generates merkle-tree based on the daily data reported by the nodes;
  3. Merkle-proof is stored on s3 for hosts to check their proof information, and they can also be found in the database for users to view data on BTFS SCAN;
  4. Merkle-root is stored in the online-proof-v2 contract;
  5. Users view online data through BTFS SCAN (or BTTCScan).

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