Hyderabad: Three, including Bangladeshi woman, arrested in human trafficking case

The Hyderabad Police, on February 9, arrested three people, including a Bangladeshi woman, in connection with an alleged human trafficking network.

Two women and the husband of one of the women were arrested. During questioning, it was revealed that one of the women, a former sex worker, had been actively involved in trafficking, sending the Bangladeshi woman to various districts for prostitution.

It was discovered that the former sex worker had connected with the Bangladeshi woman through a messaging app and lured her into illegal activities in India without proper documentation. The former sex worker’s husband was also implicated in the trafficking operation.

A case has been registered in the matter under Section 370, 370(A)(2) IPC (Exploitation of a trafficked person), the Foreigners Act, and the Passport Act.

The Bangladeshi national, the other woman and her husband are now in judicial custody as the police continue their investigation into the case.

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Aditi Sharma

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Feb 12, 2024

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