India-US ties are multiplicative, not based on convenience or calculation, says US envoy Eric Garcetti

The relationship between India and the United States is “multiplicative” and not “additive” and the foundation of the bilateral ties is built on four Ps — peace, prosperity, planet and people, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the USC-India Innovation Summit in Mumbai, Garcetti said he took up the ambassador role as US President Joe Biden told him that India was the most important country for him.

“I heard him (Biden) privately saying to Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi during the latter’s state visit to the US and the G20 Summit (in Delhi) that he really feels that there’s never been a president in the history of the US that has recognised this relationship as the most consequential one. And I believe that too,” he said, according to a video posted by news agency ANI.

Calling India and the US as the two largest democracies in the world with “proud histories”, the envoy said the relationship between the two countries was based on deep and lasting friendship and not on convenience and calculation.

“There is a great awakening happening between India and the US. This is not an additive relationship — India plus the US. It is a multiplicative relationship. When India and the US are together, it is India times the US,” Garcetti said.

He added, “Whether it was our dual diplomacy at the G20, whether it’s the work we are doing in the health sphere or whether it’s the way we can look at trying to build pieces of the world. The 4Ps, as I call them, are the cornerstone of our vision here as America in India — peace, prosperity, planet and people.”

Garcetti stressed the 4Ps are all exponentially raised when India and the US are “on the same page”.

“We are the two largest democracies in the world with proud histories, who know increasingly that our relationship hasn’t been based on convenience or calculation, but rather it is based on deep and lasting friendship,” he further said.

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Prateek Chakraborty

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Jan 17, 2024

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