Lok Sabha polls 2024: All about Kasaragod Constituency

Our feature takes an in-depth look at Kasaragod, the northernmost district of Kerala. Notably, Kasaragod¬†proudly upholds the title of ‘Sapthabhasha Sangama Bhoomi’, a land where seven languages blend harmoniously. The district accounts for the most number of forts, including the Baikal Fort, Kerala’s largest and the most number of rivers in the state. Delving into political history, Kasargod has predominantly sided with the Left in Lok Sabha election results. Also home to a diverse religious demographic, the Hindu community forms the majority, followed by the Muslim and Christian communities. The story also unravels the assembly constituencies that collectively form the Kasargod parliamentary constituency. Gain knowledge about its split from Kannur district in 1984 and recognition as the first city in India to obtain its official symbols.

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