Lok Sabha polls 2024: All about Machilipatnam Constituency

Historic Machilipatnam, a prominently featured port town from the 17th century and a major trade settlement for Portuguese, Dutch, and French traders, is preparing for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections. The meeting point of past and present politics, Machilipatnam, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the 25 constituencies where electors will cast their votes. The current representative, Balashowry Vallabhaneni, is a unique figure who won the previous Lok Sabha Elections as an independent candidate and has since joined the YSRCP – the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh. Balashowry Vallabhaneni’s victory over TDP by roughly 60,000 votes is noteworthy. The two parties, YSRCP and TDP, are yet to decide on their representatives for Machilipatnam in the upcoming polls. This constituency is considered influential and has been a hotbed for tall leaders aiming for power.

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