Lok Sabha polls 2024: All about Nagapattinam Constituency

Explore the deep-rooted political intricacies of Nagapattinam, a significant constituency in Tamil Nadu. With a history punctuated by repeated Communist Party’s victories, the recent stewardship of MP Selvarasu from CPM, and the haunting memory of the Kilvenmani¬†Massacre, Nagapattinam’s political trends continue to capture interest. This rich political tapestry also links with the region’s geographical highlights like the vibrant agricultural sector, the coastal-zone fisheries, and being at the delta region’s tail end. The recent gubernatorial visit from R N Ravi saw contentious accusations of corruption in the DMK government concerning the Awas Yojana’s ineffective implementation. While the DMK has retorted with statistics, the ultimate judgement lies in the hands of Nagapattinam’s constituents. Their voting choice will reflect how these political, historical, and geographical influences moulded their perception.

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