Lok Sabha polls 2024: All about Nizamabad Constituency

Explore an in-depth analysis of the Nizamabad Parliamentary Constituency, a potent electoral battleground in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. With a substantial population of around 20 lakh individuals, this constituency has significant electoral weightage and hosts approximately 19 lakh voters. The region has a strong focus on agriculture and industrial development. The political landscape here is marked by the key agenda of turmeric farming and the establishment of a farmer board, an initiative announced by PM Narendra Modi. The current representative is BJP’s Dharmapuri Arvind who defeated K. Kavitha, daughter of the former Chief Minister of Telangana state in the 2019 elections. The key talking point revolves around the political dynamics and the stake of BJP, Congress and the BRS in this constituency, as a precursor to the upcoming elections.

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