Moment powerful gas explosion flattens building in Washington DC

CCTV footage shows the moment a gas explosion flattened a building in Washington DC.

Firefighters had responded to a report of a gas leak in the Anacostia neighbourhood, but were not able stop it.

People were evacuated from the building and nearby buildings, including a nursery with 16 children.

“The gas was very noticeable. You could hear it leaking as well as smell it from the street,” Lieutenant Ryan Bolton of DC Fire and EMS told reporters.

The explosion took place within 15 minutes of the fire brigade’s arrival, damaging three buildings.

Local media reported a man suffered minor injuries after he was hit by flying debris, and was taken to a hospital.

The cause of the leak is still being investigated, but Fire Chief John Donnelly said he believes it “happened after a vehicle struck the gas meter”.

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