Newly-recruited teachers in Bihar fail to name India’s Vice President

In the recent Teachers Recruitment Examination conducted by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC), over 96,000 teachers were recruited in an effort by the state government to enhance the condition of government schools.

However, when India Today TV posed basic questions to a sample of these newly recruited teachers, they were unable to give accurate or relevant answers.

India Today TV interviewed a subset of the 26,000 teachers gathered for the second phase of the distribution of provisional appointment letters by BPSC, posing three basic questions: the meaning of BPSC, the name of the BPSC chairman, and the name of the Vice President.

Notably, many teachers were unfamiliar with the name of BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad. One teacher incorrectly identified KK Tiwari and Anand Kishore as the BPSC President. When questioned about the full form of BPSC in English, a woman teacher avoided the camera and refused to answer.

When asked about the Vice President of India, several teachers struggled to respond, and some even declined to answer on camera.

One of the teachers hesitantly mentioned Venkaiah Naidu. Subsequently, upon hearing a seemingly familiar name, other teachers followed suit and collectively responded, ‘Venkaiah Naidu.’

Notably, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday said his government provided appointment letters to 96,823 newly recruited teachers at programmes held in all district headquarters in the state during the day.

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Aditi Sharma

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Jan 14, 2024

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