NMC Releases Minimum Standard Of Requirements For Postgraduate Courses

NMC Releases Minimum Standard Of Requirements For Postgraduate Courses

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has released a notification about the mandatory requirements for medical colleges that are planning to establish new medical institutions, start new medical courses, increase of seats for existing courses and assessment and rating regulations, 2023. 

The guideline titled, “Minimum Standard of Requirements for Postgraduate Courses-2023 (PGMSR-2023)” lays the following measures- 

An institution conducting both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching shall satisfy the minimum requirement for undergraduate training as prescribed by UGMEB in UG-MSR document and shall also fulfil additional requirements for postgraduate training.

The hospital building shall conform to the existing national building norms and various local statutory regulations for hospitals.

There shall be increase in the faculty, infrastructure and other staff in a subject of Radio-diagnosis, Anaesthesia, Pathology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry with the increase in the number of beds in the hospital. Also, there shall be increase in the faculty and infrastructure, if workload in the Department is more. 

Around 80 per cent of the hospital beds should be occupied throughout the year by patients requiring inpatient care.

Minimum 15 per cent of the total beds in the Department imparting post-graduate training should be Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds/High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds exclusively of that Department.

There shall be one teaching room for each teaching department with a capacity to accommodate adequate number of students for clinical case discussions/demonstrations.

The institution shall have adequate in-house laboratory and imaging facilities for the training of post-graduate students, which should be fully run by the respective department.

Imaging facilities shall be contemporary and in keeping with the latest technology available for diagnosis and interventions.

There shall be digital data of records of investigations done in various Departments/Laboratories. 

There shall be a Departmental Library with essential books and journals as per curriculum requirements.

There shall be a well-equipped air-conditioned Blood Bank capable of providing component therapy.

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